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    2. Health Privilege

    3. Thoughts on Not "Using" Plants

    4. Herbal Safety

    5. Dosage

    6. Herb of the Month Club Discount

    1. Video: Leave it to Cleavers

    2. 8 min Slideshow: Cleavers

    3. Cleavers Profile

    4. Video: How to make a Cleavers Succus

    5. Cleavers Recipes

    1. Video: Meet Stinging Nettle

    2. Slideshow: Stinging Nettle

    3. Stinging Nettle Profile

    4. Video: How to Make a Nettle Infusion

    5. Stinging Nettle Recipes

    1. Video: Meet Plaintain

    2. 10 min Slideshow: Plantain

    3. Plantain Profile

    4. Video: How to Make a Plantain Poultice

    5. Plantain Recipes

    1. Video: Dandelion identification

    2. 10 min Slideshow: Dandelion

    3. Dandelion Profile

    4. Video: How to Make a Root Decoction

    5. Dandelion Recipes

    1. Video: Meet Lemon Balm

    2. 12 min Slideshow: Lemon Balm

    3. Lemon Balm Profile

    4. VIdeo: How to Make a Lemon Balm Glycerite

    5. Lemon Balm Recipes

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  • Safety, medication interactions, and who shouldn't work with the plant

  • How to "dose" the plant for yourself and your family

  • History, folklore, and cultural significance of the plant

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About me,

Jovie Hawthorn Browne

Unlike many herbal teachers you can find, I didn’t grow up on the land. I’d love to say I did, but I grew up poor in the Mojave desert in military housing. I didn’t have elders to teach me the traditions of my ancestors. I had books and professors to teach me how cellular biology and phytochemistry worked as I earned my bachelor's degree in Biology and post grad diploma in herbalism. I didn’t get to know plants through foraging and wildcrafting them. I got to know them through cultivating and tending to them in several gardens for over a decade. I will always continue learning. My path has not been traditional. And that’s okay. Your path doesn't have to look like my path at all (or anyone elses for that matter). I’d just like to share what I’ve learned so far with all of you, in a way that I’m hoping will feel safe, non-judgmental, and balanced.